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 BioMini-pak is a new kind of suspension carriers. It modified polymeric material with the promoted additions of bio-enzyme, it improves the enzymatic catalysis, so it possess excellences of larger specific surface, being easy to multiply biofilm, unease to fall off, high denitrification, good hydrophile, high biological activity and so on.


  • High hydrophilicity,
  • High Biological film dynamic quality
  • High removal of nitrogen and phosphor
  • No sludge bulking and sludge clogged
  • Not being restricted by pool shape


Technical Parameter:



10*10 mm

Effective Heaping area

500 m²/m³

Total surface area of each one

670 m²/m²

Total surface area of 70% filling ratio

480 m²/m³

Effective growing area of each one

490 m²/m²

Effective area of 70% filling ratio

350 m²/m³

Total heaping surface area

690 m²/m³

Void ratio

84.4 %



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